200+ Nail Designs Pictures – Nail Designs Gallery 2022

On TheNailDesigns website, you can download unlimited photos of nail designs. Would you like your fingers to look more attractive? You can get your nails done now. Regardless of age, occupation, and social status, women always want to look fashionable and spectacular. One of the essential attributes of women’s style is, of course, a Nail Design Idea. Properly designed nails make hands more attractive not only for their owner but also in the eyes of others – even such a seemingly insignificant detail of appearance can distinguish it from the faceless gray mass and attract everyone’s attention.

Currently, many of the fair sex are employed in those areas that, to one degree or another, require manual labor from them: doctors, cooks, homemakers, etc. Accordingly, a manicure should not interfere with doing their job efficiently and quickly. Fortunately, there are already many options for nail design in 2022 and photos of new products that are relevant for the season.


Women’s fingers are one of the main decorations of any fashionista. At one glance at the well-groomed hands of ladies, men often become indescribably delighted. For this, it is not necessary to be hung with a bunch of rings, bracelets, and other jewelry – an exquisite and catchy manicure will be quite enough.

If it was once fashionable to build up nails of enormous length and use very bright “poisonous” colors to decorate them, then the primary trend of 2022 is maximum naturalness. They should not be too long or pretentious, and color schemes are based on more muted shades. This does not mean that such a manicure will look faded. On the contrary, the colors offered are pleasing to the eye and evoke exceptionally positive emotions, and the applied patterns look very expressive.

What will be the most popular nail colors and original designs in 2022

You no longer have to dazzle with Nail Designs – on the contrary, it will fascinate and soothe, setting positively. Black, orange, bright red, or blue – all these colors are no longer in trend. 2022 is the year of bed tones. This trend has also affected the design of nails. Peach, beige, cream, pale blue or pink, light brown (sand) is the best choice for fashionistas this season.

  • Marbling
  • diamonds
  • Rhinestones
  • Multi-colored ornament – the so-called sweet bloom
  • Geometric figures
  • Hieroglyphs and symbols
  • Animalism – drawings of animals
  • glass shard effect
  • intersecting lines
  • Floristics – images of flowers and other vegetation